Over the last few weeks we have been getting phone calls from customers wondering if we can give them advice on what to do when they get an error message on their printer saying that their ink reserve tank is full.

This error message about the ink reserve tank is to fool customers into thinking that their printer is on its way out!

This can easy be fixed and the Ink Gallery Team is here to give you a step by step DIY on how to clean your ink reserve tank.

There are two ways of cleaning the ink reserve tank in your printer. You can either access it quickly and easily or get more invasive and take the printer apart. Both of these ways will allow the printer to be cleaned and to continue operating.

Step 1

Turn the printer off and unplug it to avoid any involuntary mechanical movement, or electrocution. Have cotton tips, cotton wool balls, and paper towels set aside and ready.

Step 2

Now on this part, you can decide to either open the door to access the ink cartridge area, or remove a couple screws holding the printer together. Taking it completely apart isn’t always necessary, however if you do so, set aside a tray for all the screws and make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to complete the task effectively.

Look closely at how it all fits together, so you can memorise its order when you get back to putting it back together. Be sure to handle each piece with care and you only need to get a far as where the cartridges usually sit when the printer is on.

Step 3

Finding the location of the ink reserve is pretty easy. They are just under where the ink cartridges would sit if the printer were on. Using a small flashlight is useful in this step as well if you don’t want to get your hands dirty looking for it.

Step 4

Take one of the paper towels you set aside and begin to gently wipe out the excess ink. You can dampen the paper towels or cotton balls, but don’t overdo it because you do not want any water in there when you have finished the job. The cotton tips are perfect for getting into the more difficult angels if you decide that you don’t want to take your printer apart.

Step 5

When you can no longer see any ink on the wipes, you can put it all back together, or close the door. Then turn the printer on and you are all set to go!

The final step is easy

Contact the Ink Gallery Nowra and we will arrange for your refill cartridges to get your printer into ultimate printing form.

Cleaning your ink reserve tank is easy and much more cost effective than buying a whole new printer. Following these steps will help ensure a longer lasting, more efficient printer. Here at the Ink Gallery Team, we want nothing but the best for you and your desktop equipment.