The Dirty Printer Secrets your printer and cartridge manufacturer don’t want you to know.

Do you know if your computer does automatic updates on your printer. The biggest Dirty Printer Secret, hidden firm wear updates into your printers. If not check it out.

Your printer supplier will do firmware updates for security reasons.

They will load a virus into your cartridge to disable it from being refilled.

Your cartridge will be given a serial number, and your printers program will remember it.

This ensures you can not refill or use a compatible cartridge, forcing you to buy the original expensive brands.

At  the moment we only have reports on some models from HP, HP61 cartridges doing this on the latest models.

For now there is only one way around this; DO NOT DO ANY PRINTER UPDATES!

Untick automatic updates in your printer set-up program, this will prevent  firm wear  programs controlling your cartridge (refilled or compatibles) types used. Take control of your printer, download your printer manual, and stop this dirty printer secret and enjoy printing again.

The remanufacturing industry is awear of this and is working on a solution.

For other problems relating to your printer the following will normally work;

Printer Reset Guide:

  • Take all cartridges out of the printer
  • Turn off the Power
  • Unplug from the wall
  • Leave off for min 3-5 minutes
  • Plug back into wall
  • Turn power back on  to printer, & turn on the printer
  • Put cartridges back into printer, one at a time as requested by printer.
  • Do 2-3 print head cleans & maintenance as normal.
  • Clean the copper contact points on the cartridge face and inside your printer to ensure good communication
  • Warning – Do not download firm wear (virus) updates from the printer manufacturer.It will give you a code “cartridge not recognized”, & stop the use of Refills or Compatible cartridges.
  • Check Web page FAQ for more information
  • More updates will be added as they come to hand, & YouTube guides for fixes.

Hope this help you all,

From the team at Ink Gallery Nowra