Shopping for a printer can be confusing as you are choosing between different brands at a range of different highly competitive prices.

Printer sales provide you with so much information and give you a range of features that the purchase can be overwhelming. One thing that retailers neglect to tell you is how to keep your printer going with ink cartridges and information about ink refills.

Printer Tip One:

Know your needs and requirements!

Are you using your printer with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC? Looking for a printer with multi adaptors so that you can connect it to all of your devices and print away!

Some printers come with their own unique email address attached to the server. When looking to print with one of these printers the item will be sent to the email address first then printed.

Printers can also print through a Wi-Fi network!

Printer Tip Two:

Ink or Laser?

When shopping for a printer you should know the difference between purchasing ink and laser jet printers.

Inkjet printers use liquid ink cartridges that are easy to refill and easy to use, they provide a versatile printing solution as well as produce high quality colour printing and photo like copies.

Laser printers are generally better used for black and white printing only as the quality isn’t as high – hence why the cartridges are cheaper to buy.


Printers can be costly if you are purchasing retail ink cartridges compared to seeking out cartridge refills. Printer manufacturers make the purchase price these days much lower as they understand that they will recoup money down the track when you pay for new printer cartridges.

Some people go so far as to throw their old printer out as the prices for new cartridges are so exorbitant! This is not only terrible for the environment and landfill but it is not a cost effective printing solution.

By using refillable cartridges you are saving the environment and money.

Think smart, do your research when shopping for a printer and happy printing!