The cost of printer cartridges and ink refills can cost almost as much as a new printer, and buying  a brand new printer every time is a waste of time, money and terrible for the environment as they need to be disposed of via the correct electronic waste facilities.

Here are some excellent reasons as why you SHOULD choose to refill your cartridges.

Inkjet cartridges run on liquid inks that come in black, cyan, magenta and yellow. By using a business that professionally refills ink jet cartridges you can be assured that you will obtain the highest grade quality ink ensuring your printing gives off vibrant, clean, quality printing.. Every time!

Cartridge refills save you a bucket load of money! The Ink Gallery Nowra, will save a business stacks of cash, as well as the guarantee that is on offer or 100% of your money back should you not be satisfied.

Refilling your cartridges is an excellent way to save the environment. Every time a plastic printer cartridge is disposed of it is adding to landfill.

Refilling cartridges is an excellent sustainable and money saving idea, however don’t get caught up in the idea of saving money and try to refill your cartridges yourself as you can do major damage to your printer that isn’t under the manufacturers warranty.

Leave your refilling to the professionals, it makes more sense and saves more dollars!