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How to Dramatically Reduce Your Ink and Toner Costs

One of the major expenses that business owners incur is that of buying printer cartridges.  Since the invention of printers it seems that companies have been trying to convince their customers that the only solution to needing more ink is buying a new...

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Printer Waste Tank Error–How to fix it!

Over the last few weeks we have been getting phone calls from customers wondering if we can give them advice on what to do when they get an error message on their printer saying that their ink reserve tank is full. This error message about the ink reserve...

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Top Tips for Buying a New Printer!

Shopping for a printer can be confusing as you are choosing between different brands at a range of different highly competitive prices. Printer sales provide you with so much information and give you a range of features that the purchase can be...

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My Printer is Making me Angry!

Printers and printer cartridges should make business easier, so when in the workplace and your printer fails or your cartridges run dry they can cause us frustration and anger. There always seems to be an abundance of people in our offices who don’t have a...

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Refilling Printer cartridges – why we do it?

The cost of printer cartridges and ink refills can cost almost as much as a new printer, and buying  a brand new printer every time is a waste of time, money and terrible for the environment as they need to be disposed of via the correct electronic waste...

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